Dallas Golden Gloves, Inc.
Rules and Regulations

1.USA BOXING REGISTRATION: USA Boxing Registration number must appear on entry blank and no entry will be accepted unless entrant is registered with Golden Gloves and USA Boxing.

2.GOVERNING RULES:Golden Gloves and USA Boxing rules and regulations will apply.

3.PHYSICALS:Each Contestant must submit to examination by a physician at weigh-ins take place on Sunday January 27, 2008 from 9:00 A.M. to NOON.  Two sets of scales will be maintained so that both male and female boxers may weigh in at any time during the allotted three hours (must be with their team).  There will be a drawing at 2 P.M. and coaches will need to be present for the drawing.

4.WEIGHT ALLOWANCE:There will be no weight allowance, by agreement or otherwise.  There will be weigh-ins every night from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30p.m., only if the boxer, male/female is competing that night, and each BOXER must be clean shaven before stepping onto scale for weigh-ins.    There will be no matched bouts.  Any questions should be directed to Wayne Maddox or Debbie Holmes.

5.AGE LIMIT:8- 34, there won’t be a Masters Division. 2008 Dallas Golden Gloves


Classification (Age)   Novice     OpenFinals Open Only
Bantam (8-10) 3 x 45 sec3 x 45 sec
Juniors (11-12)3 x 45 sec3 x 45 sec
Intermediate (13-14)3 x 1 min 3 x 1 min
Senior (15-16) 3 x 1 min 3 x 1 ½ min    3 x 2  min
17-34      3 x 1 min 3  x 2 min      4 x 2 min

All bouts will have a rest period of 1 minute between rounds.

7.ATTIRE:Attire of contestants shall be in compliance with USA Boxing rules.  Protection cup, chest protection for females, USA boxing approved headgear and fitted mouthpieces must be worn during competition.  Swimming suits are prohibited.  Light grease is allowed to be used on the face only of  boxers.

8.AWARDS, TROPHIES, ETC: Golden Gloves officials shall select the prizes.  Unopposed Junior Olympic and Novice boxers will not receive trophies or jackets.  Bantam 8-9-10, Junior 11-12, and Intermediate 13-14 will receive trophies only.  Champions in the following will receive jackets and trophies. Only the winners advancing the State Tournament in Ft.Worth will receive jackets.Females in the Senior Division 15 and above that are in the championship bouts will receive their awards at a later date due to not knowing how many females will be competing in this year’s tournament.
Novice 17-25 has not won over 8 bouts in Novice Div.
Sr. Junior Open 15-16
High School 17-18 MUST BE IN SCHOOL.

9.Champions and Runner-ups in other divisions will receive trophies.  Team trophies and special awards (e.g., fight of the night) will also be awarded.  It is impossible to predict how many entrants we will have in each division and how many divisions will be filled each year.  As such, a lot of guesswork is involved in pre-ordering trophies.  Should we not have enough trophies/jackets to make presentations to all champions/runner-ups during the tournament we will distribute awards subsequent to the tournament using the head coach of the team and it is his or her responsibility to pick them up.
10.ENTRY DEADLINE:Deadline for entries is NOON Sunday, January 27, 2008.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

11.TICKETS AND CREDENTIALS:All contestants and coaches per team will only receive credentials for admission for the tournament.  All boxers that are participating the night of tournament must present his/her credentials every night to gain entrance into the HELLA Shrine Temple.  No congregating will be permitted in the dressing, gloving and warm-up areas. USA boxing membership cards/passbooks will not be used tickets.  Reggie Woods or Barney Flores will issue replacement passes/tickets.  Each coach must be regional and certified for the year 2008 to work Golden Gloves.  We will ask to see your 2008-registered pink slip and coach’s certification card to get your tickets.

12.COACHES AND SECONDS:All coaches and seconds must be registered, and certified by USA Boxing before they will be permitted to work a corner.  Teammates may work a corner within the rules established by USA Boxing.

13.UNATTACHED CONTESTANTS:No unattached contestants will be permitted.  In other words, each boxer must be competing for a TEAM.  If we have an unattached boxer we will assign them to a team from a draw, we will the give their names to the coach and brought together with one another.

14.PAIRINGS:Pairings will be published on the Dallas Golden Gloves website (www.dallasgoldengloves.org) nightly.   If there are problems or questions concerning a pairing published on the website, the Boxer’s Coach, not the parents should call Reggie Woods at (214) 533-6872.  Calls and questions will not be accepted/returned from the boxer, his/her parents, fans, or anyone but his/her coach.  

No calls will be accepted/returned concerning the time or number of a particular bout.  So, please tell parents and boxers not to make these calls.  There are many details, which need to be addressed to ensure that the Tournament runs smoothly from one day to the next.  It is impossible to return 20 or 30 calls from parents about the timing of particular bouts and get everything else done too.

15.GLOVING:In order to ensure that the Tournament runs smoothly, boxers will be gloved a maximum of 5 bouts in advance of their own.  It is the boxer’s responsibility to make sure he is available to be gloved when his name is called by the Glove handlers and to remain in the immediate area of the glove handlers after his/her name has been called for gloving and after he/she has been gloved.  If a boxer does not respond to the glove handlers’ second call, he/she will be disqualified.  There will be no exceptions.

16.PROBLEMS/QUESTIONS DURING TOURNAMENT:Any problems or questions during the Tournament should be directed to Reggie Woods first.  Referrals may then be made to the Chief of Officials.  Do not ask other Golden Gloves volunteers/officials to convey your problem/question to Reggie.  Each of these folks has a job to do, which is critical to a well-run tournament.  When they are asked to asked to leave their assignment to act as messengers, referees, etc., confusion results, e.g., trophy mix-ups last year.  Do not send parents to ask questions.  Questions/problems should come from the coaches only.  Don’t be shy.  We cannot read your minds and we can’t fix something if we don’t know about it.

17.OBLIGATIONS OF BOXERS AND COACHES ADVANCING TO STATE TOURNAMENT: All boxers and coaches who are members of the team advancing to the State must meet with Reggie Woods or Barney Flores immediately after the last bout on Saturday, February 9, 2008.  If a boxer or coach does not attend this brief meeting (at ringside) to receive uniforms and other prizes, fill out paperwork, have team photo taken, receive instructions, etc., he will be scratched from the team.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Boxers may only advance in the weight division in which they fought in the Dallas tournament.  There will be no shuffling of team members.

18.MANDATORY PRE-TOURNAMENT COACHES MEETING:There will be mandatory coaches meeting at ringside at 6:15 P.M., Wednesday, February 6, 2008.  Each team must send an adult representative who is a registered and certified USA Boxing non-athlete member.  The information contained in this leaflet may be updated at that time and any last minute changes in tournament operation will be discussed.  A team will not be allowed to participate in the 2008 Dallas Golden Gloves unless it has a representative at this meeting.

19.ANNOUNCEMENTS:During the tournament, the Ringside Announcer will be making the announcements that will apply to coaches and boxers.  While we will make every effort to have these announcements made in the dressing rooms also, it is your responsibility to listen to announcements made at ringside. If you have questions about any aspect of the tournament, please ask the Tournament Director or the Chief of Officials.  They are the sources of accurate information concerning the Tournament.



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